About Us

Welcome to Confetti Kitty!  Our mission here is to create the best shopping experience for retro nostalgia, gamer novelties, and cute accessories.  Oh, and stickers.  Lot and LOTS of stickers!

My mother was raised by my Japanese grandmother that adopted her.  She grew up here in Phoenix, Arizona and spent most of her time hanging out at the mall, as most teenagers did in the 80s.  Every time she walked into the mall, she was greeted with aisles of fun, little treasures:  keychains and pins that reflected what you were into, pretty writing papers and sparkly pens, and chunky neon accessories because they were all the rage. 

But no trip to the mall was complete without checking out the sticker wall!  The Current Catalog Store in Metrocenter Mall was her favorite spot.  She would browse rows and rows of stickers on rolls, painstakingly trying to choose which ones to buy to add to her collection.  These times were some of her most favorite memories.

My mother instilled in me a love for Japanese culture as well as a love for the same things she was into when she was younger. 

That’s why we created Confetti Kitty:  to recreate the best of shopping for fun things at the mall during an earlier era, when life just felt more happy and carefree.  When you visit our site, you'll be greeted with all kinds of cute things—but not just any cute things.  There are items that are specifically designed to spark nostalgia as well as entice a new generation with the enjoyment of building a compilation of their favorite things.

We brought the “sticker wall” online so you too could experience the joy of hand-picking individual stickers for your collection.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us!